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       YUYUE Home Textiles Co., Ltd. special fiber branch has the world's advanced level of spinning equipment: the most advanced blowing-carding machine, Germany Trützschler HSI 1000 drawing machine, German Schlafhorst open-end spinning machine, Japan MURATA NO.21C1 winding machine, etc. It is equipped with lab equipment with complete functions, such as Bremen nep and short fiber tester, evenness tester, strength tester, yarn imperfection indicator, etc. It has no joint technology and waxing technology integrated with Europe market, and complete raw material purchasing and finished product marketing channels. The company is equipped with new spinning technology and equipment such as low torque spinning, siro compact spinning, segment color spinning, intervention spinning for product development, which plays a special role in improving product style an character. Our main products include fine cotton and long-staple cotton, tencel, modal, milk fiber and viscose fiber, flax fiber, moisture perspiration fiber, bamboo fiber, etc. There are yarns with only one kind of fiber as well as yarns with blended fibers.


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