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        Self-managerial import & export is not only a part of YUYUE’s complete industry chain, but also serve the entire industry chain. YUYUE has self-managerial import & export authority. After 10 years of development, it create a professional and skilled team. On the one hand, it makes full use of textile raw materials on the international market. Imported cotton, cotton yarn and other textile raw materials, service in the company's new product development and manufacturing of the complete industry chain. On the other hand, YUYUE exports high-quality, humanized home to the world's major markets.
        Since its establishment, the company's import and export business has been increased every year by double-digit. In order to meet the needs of the Group's international market strategy, import and export company has always taken "import high quality textile raw materials, export high-quality textile products, strictly control the quality of imported raw materials and ensure the safety of export earnings "as the purpose of business development.


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